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The History GirlGettysburg: Marking 150 Years of Preservation and Remembrance

The PortalistFeminism Through the Ages: 10 Powerful Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books


“A Mother’s Love,”  “Heinde’s Sight,” “Spoiled,” and “Second Guessing” were all included in my University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Honors Program Thesis Project, entitled Nightmares, Day Dreams, and Imagined Conversations.

“A Mother’s Love” was published in my high school’s literary magazine, (Nashoba Regional High School).

Titles I’ve Contributed To

book cover - GEE

 GEE (JD Series #1) by Antonio Tripodi

When John Daniels left for the library he expected it to be just another quiet day hunting through journals and periodicals. Then a mysterious package arrived with an impossible device inside, and John’s peaceful world vanished with the death screams of a murdered woman echoing through the library. Forced to confront the pain of his past, John had little choice but to accept an unusual mission.


book cover - sought

Sought (JD Series #2) by Antonio Tripodi

Now that John Daniels has Sarah Parrish safely by his side, their first order of business becomes rescuing the kidnapped reporter, Ben Briggs – the man who first identified John as the creator of the website that sent the whole world into chaos only a week earlier. Thanks to that very website, the still-skeptical police and volunteer searchers are also being kept apprised of Briggs’ location, forcing the criminals that have him to keep him moving from one place to another.


shadows lurk - book cover

Shadows Lurk (JD Series #3) by Antonio Tripodi

John Daniels is distraught over the loss of the GEE. It was clearly stolen, but who could have taken it? Why? And most importantly, how? Convinced it is his fault in more ways than one, the last thing he wants to deal with is meeting Lieutenant Kiel Samuels’ newly-rescued girlfriend, Alison. Explaining that he is JD—yes, that JD—and answering questions about the mission he’s undertaken will be a complete waste of time—especially since explaining is so much harder to do without the GEE. As the repercussions of his loss begin to appear in a fresh media storm, his despair grows.

book cover - Waxing LunaWaxing Luna by Peter Lean with Lauryn E. Nosek (also available for purchase at KoboScribd, and as a paperback)

New Athens 3613 AD
One night In-Shar Bedrosen got drunk and wrote a story about the girl he loved in his youth, which wouldn’t be a big deal if he were a member of the Bureaucrat Caste, but as a member of the intentionally illiterate Worker Caste, there will be consequences if people find out – and they always find out. When he’s brought before Governor Hadraar, it’s clear the man has something specific in mind for this creative dissident.

Non-fiction publications

“Change is Bad: Okonkwo’s Resistance to Change in Things Fall Apart.” Corridors. December 2008. *first place submission for ENL 258 essays*

“The Last Laugh: A Humorous Argument Regarding the Misuse of Humor.” Corridors. December 2008. *second place submission for ENL 260 essays*

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