Short Stories


“A Mother’s Love”

Lavinia returns home with her parents after an accident has left her suffering from amnesia. As she works to regain her memory, she starts remembering things that have her questioning who she really is.

“Always Be Prepared”

A Boy Scout camping trip is thrown off course when another hiker accidentally creates a forest fire. The Scouts must figure out a way to escape the blaze.


A family barbecue becomes a fight for simple survival when bees begin to swarm.

“Heinde’s Sight”

Claire has unique visions when she falls asleep at night. Her visions of futures that will never come to pass for the individuals around her can make it difficult to fit in but they also allow her a freedom unknown by those same people.

The Price of a Good Time

Krysten hears about a party and she sucks-up to her parents in the hopes they’ll allow her to go.

“Second Guessing”

While a young woman prepares for her tenth high school reunion she goes back and forth about whether or not she should go through with confronting an old friend based on memories of what was. Or might have been. Or what she wanted to have been?


Kim Wilson goes to visit her son, Joe, in prison. Both reflect on the circumstances that led to one of them ending up behind bars.

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