Flash Fiction

So I’m trying to branch out with my writing which means finishing projects I start (however long that takes) and taking a stab at different styles or techniques. Flash fiction is a format I’ll be trying on for size. Each of the pieces included under this category is 500 words or less. Many of these pieces are inspired, at least in part, on actual events.

All of the following were written by Lauryn E. Nosek

“An Apology”

“Apple Picking”

“Bad Day”

“Battlefields 1”

“Battlefields 2”

“Battlefields 3”

“The Best Laid Plans”




“Car Problems”

“The Collector”

“The Commute”

“Cyber Ghosts”

“East Coast Sunrise”

“Eight Lives Down…”

“Elementary Science”

“Feeding Time at the Aquarium”

“Fifth Grade Dance”

“Grandpa Savings Time”


“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

“The Hike”

“Historic Disappointments 1”

“Hotel Hell”

“Ice Storm”


“In Transit”

“The Invitation”

“The Jewelry Box”



“Man versus Squirrel”

“Money Makes the World Go Round”

“and Order Chaos”

“Party Pooper”

“The Patch”


“People Watching”

“The Prophet”

“The Race to Class”

“Retaking the Test”


“Rice or Bubbles”

“Slumber Party”

“Studying for Chemistry”

“Subshop Guy”

“Telephone Tag”


“To Fake or Not to Fake”

“The Train”

“Trick-or-Treat Pt. 1”

“Trophy Glory”

“Under the Dock Pt. 1”

“Under the Dock Pt. 2”

“Under the Dock Pt. 3”

“Vomiting Butterflies”

“The Walk Back”

“Welcome to College”

“You Really Shouldn’t Have”

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