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Lauryn E. Nosek

Email me at lenny9987@gmail.com or simply write a comment to contact me. I try to respond to all comments containing questions and I love it when a simple comment turns into an in depth discussion. Please feel free to challenge anything I say in my book reviews as debate is welcome and encouraged.

I’ve been an avid reader and writer for as long as I can remember. I have a degree in English Literature and Criticism and History from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where I graduated in 2010. I started this blog to make it across the chasm between the end of classes and graduation and haven’t looked back. After working to save up for graduate school, I attended Boston University for my MA in English and American Literature in 2013. Becoming a published author and working in the publishing industry are my long-term goals, but surviving to write another day never fails to top the list of my short-term goals.

My tastes when it comes to reading are varied and I’m afraid it can’t help but come across in my writing as well. I have a dark, sarcastic, some may say, twisted sense of humor that isn’t for everyone. In my writing I like to play with what defines reality and sanity as well as the ways in which our relationships affect how we act and how we see ourselves, particularly relationships our family and close friends.

Nightmares, Day Dreams, and Imagined Conversations began as the title I gave to my undergraduate senior thesis project, a collection of short stories including “A Mother’s Love,” “Heinde’s Sight,” “Spoiled,” and “Second Guessing.”

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(Yes, that is a booster seat)


5 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Love, love, love the written word although I am not a seasoned writer I often try. I look to reading as a source of inspiration and a grounding force of who I am as an inspiring writer. So I was delighted when I found your blog and look forward to your reviews of different genres to explore and inspire my craft. My gratitude is yours, Allie.


  3. Kayla says:

    Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! Check out this post for more information on your nomination.


  4. eadaoinlynch says:

    I like your blog! So much so I’m listing you as one of my ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers’ – if you want to read more, just see here (though I don’t think it’s as formal as it may appear): http://eadaoinlynch.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/very-inspiring-blogger-award/


  5. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. It’s an award for smaller blogs with 200 or fewer followers. More information at the link below.


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