Out with the old and in with the slightly modified…

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

I did pretty well with the goals I set out for my blog last year. I posted regularly, I have more literary adventures both between the pages of books and on my own two feet, and I made some progress on both my 1001 Books list and my general To Read list. Since they worked out so well, I am going to be renewing several of them this year, with a few slight modifications.

1) When I started the year, I didn’t know that I would be invited to join NetGalley and have the opportunity to preview so many amazing (and some not so amazing) books. I would like to dedicate at least one post a month to previewing a book, though it will depend in part on what books I’m able to get approved for and what books I want to preview. So, at least twelve over the course of the year, I guess.

2) I want to continue with my Literary Travels series this year but my goal is to make it out of my home state of Massachusetts. I might not make it out of New England, but at least out of Mass, just for one post.

3) Since I didn’t break 160 last year, I’m going to try to make up for it by setting my 1001 Books goal to 175. I’m doing better about using some of them for my regular reviews, so hopefully that will help me do better this year.

4) I’ve been busy with ghostwriting and working on my own novel so I’ve been cutting myself some slack for not doing as much posting of my creative writing pieces. That stops now. I want to post at least one flash fiction piece a month. I did so well with those for so long and they really are excellent exercises for playing with things like style and for working out how specific scenes will read.

What goals have you, my readers, set out for the new year and how did you do last year?


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