Flash Fiction – The Invitation

“What did that sign say?”

“It didn’t say what you think it did.”

“Are you sure? I think we’re lost.”

“We’re not lost. The directions say we have to go another few miles before we’ll see the turn.”

“How many miles does a few translate to?”

“Three point four from where we got off the highway. How far have we gone since we got off?”

“I have no idea but I think it’s around three or four. Are you sure we didn’t go past it?”

“When I see the sign, I’ll tell you but I haven’t seen it yet.”

“Maybe you missed it.”

“I didn’t miss it. We haven’t reached it yet.”

“It feels like we’ve been driving forever.”

“It hasn’t even been forty-five minutes. It takes longer to get to your parents’ house.”

“It’s been at least an hour. We left at quarter of eleven and it’s just about noon now.”

“We did not leave at quarter of. We left at quarter past. We were going to leave at quarter of but then you spent twenty minutes on the phone with your mother. We finally left at quarter past.”

“I was not on the phone for twenty minutes. It was maybe ten.”

“There’s the turn. Slow down. Told you we didn’t miss it.”

“What’s the next road to look out for?”

“It’s not for another two miles. Then we have to look for the house with the balloons in front. Should be easy to spot.”

“Which way do we turn? What side of the road should I be looking at?”

“Left. Oak Park Lane. It should be across from a gas station.”

“We’ve passed three gas stations in the last ten minutes.”

“Those weren’t across from Oak Park Lane.”

“Remind me to get gas after the party. I should have enough to get home but I don’t want to have to remember to get it in the morning on my way to work.”

“Will do. I think that’s the turn up there. Just keep an eye out for the balloons. It should be the eighth house on the right.”

“I don’t see any balloons. What color is their house?”

“Slow down. This is a residential area. The house? I think she said it was grey with blue shutters. Or was it blue with grey shutters?”

“Still not seeing any balloons. And there are two grey houses up there on the right.”

“That one’s not grey, it’s white. Man, they need to repaint that house.”

“Um… there’re no cars in the driveway. Or along the road. It doesn’t look like anyone’s home.”

“That’s the right house. The number matches the invitation.”

“What time was the party supposed to start?”

“Start time eleven thirty. Wanted everyone to be here in time for lunch.”

“Then where is everyone?”

“What day is today?”

“Are you serious? It’s Saturday. Please tell me you didn’t…”

“I am so sorry. The party’s tomorrow.”


“At least now we know how to get here.”

“Don’t talk to me right now.”


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The Invitation

  1. I sometimes get my days mixed up, and feel silly like this. I’m good with directions, though. Fun dialog-only story.

  2. Steve Green says:

    Haha!! Oh this did make me smile. 🙂

    I can totally relate to this, I can get lost on my own street, so tend to write myself instructions like these when going somewhere I haven’t been before. Luckily my wife is an excellent navigator. 🙂

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