You haven’t heard the last from me…

“I’m back to doing everything I used to, loving life as ever.” – Donna Mills

I am kicking myself for not having posted anything in over a year now. I never intended to go silent for so long but grad school has been crazy in a busy, wonderful way (a one year program has its positives and its negatives; one negative is definitely the time crunching). I meant to write and post before classes started last fall but I found I had even less time as I put on my grown-up pants to find an apartment, move, pay the cable bill, and all those other fun tasks.

But now I’m on the other side and I’m back. I don’t know what the future holds as I hit the job market once more, shiny new degree in hand. There may not be much of a schedule to my posting but I will be posting. To atone for my sins of negligence, I’m posting a book review (which I thought I had already put up but apparently I hadn’t) as well as a new-ish short story. The exact address for this blog has been updated and I’ll be making updates to my site aesthetically in the coming days as well.


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