Flash Fiction – Apple Picking

“You know, it’s actually better that it’s a little cloudy today,” Audrina said, trying to sound upbeat as she hit the remote lock button on her key-chain and the car beeped acknowledgment back to her. “We won’t bake in the sun.”

Patricia glared at the ground in the hopes of going unnoticed but Susan saw and took a breath to speak up about it until Patricia’s elbow made its way into her side. It was Susan’s turn to glare as she rubbed the spot and whimpered. Audrina ignored the two of them and pushed forward to the little booth where a bored teenager was about to fall asleep.

“One adult, two children,” Audrina said, making the kid jump. “It’s pay by the bag, not by the person.”

“Oh, well. One bag then.”

“What size?” the kid pointed at several weather-beaten bags stapled to the wood on the side of the booth.

“Whichever size ten dollars will get me.” Audrina put a crisp bill on the rotting board that served as a counter and received a bag in return.

“But I want my own bag,” Susan griped. “Besides, we’ll get more that way.”

“Well, we’re going to work together and share the bag,” Audrina said with forced composure. She could hear Patricia mumble something about one bag being better because then they wouldn’t be stuck there as long.

Audrina thanked the inattentive teen and ushered the reluctant girls towards the line of trees. The student worker roused himself enough to call after them, “Only the trees with red ribbons.”

Audrina handed the bag to Susan who brightened up a little and stepped up her pace to lead the way.  “There are some red ribbons over there. Follow me.”

“There are bugs over there,” Patricia whined. “Let’s head over there,” she pointed to a row closer to the car.

“Those trees are already picked over,” Susan hollered from several trees down the row. She had already plucked a few apples from the trees along the way, paying no attention to the blue ribbons swaying as the branches bounced back from her pull. Audrina brought a hand up to her eyes and sighed before looking back over her shoulder to see if they had drawn the teen’s attention, sighed again when she saw that they hadn’t.


Audrina’s head whipped back around and saw Susan drop the bag to rub her head, several apples at her feet. Patricia bent over to pick up the bag, whispering something Audrina didn’t catch before heading off towards the line of trees near the dusty parking area. Susan’s eyes narrowed as she reached for one of the apples on the branch next to her head. Her tongue popped out as she took aim and let the fruit fly at Patricia’s back.

Her hand stung as the apple smacked Audrina’s palm. She turned the half-green projectile, her fingernail pushed through a soft spot in its skin. “Back to the car!” she proclaimed, tossing the apple aside.


One thought on “Flash Fiction – Apple Picking

  1. ganymeder says:

    Oooooh, someone’s in troubulllllll! 😀

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