Flash Fiction – Telephone Tag


Hey Brenda, it’s Tina. I just found out Burning Christmas Trees are going to do a show at the Center Complex next Friday. Not this coming Friday but the one after. It’s the concert we’ve been waiting for for months. Call me so we can get tickets soon.


Hi Tina. We definitely have to see that show. Do you know where to get tickets? If you get them, I’ll pay you back. Whatever they cost. Ring me back when you’ve got them.


Brenda, hi. So, in my excitement I forgot that I have a work thing that night – conference call with the west coast. I can’t get out of it, I already tried. But we need to get together and soon. You free for the movies Saturday? We could see the one about the rogue spy or the one about the guy and girl that hate each other but keep getting set up by dating sites. Let me know if you’re interested.


Sorry Tina. I’ve got a family reunion this weekend so I’ll be stuck with my family way too far from civilization from tomorrow night until Sunday afternoon. But, I am definitely going to need some girl time after it’s all over. Can you do anything after work some night next week? Dinner? Oh, I don’t know how great the reception will be out in the middle of nowhere so leave a message if you can’t get a hold of me.


I’ll actually be working late all week to prep for the big call Friday. It’s Tina, by the way. I’m free all day Saturday though. Lunch and retail therapy, perhaps? Call me tomorrow when you get home. Seriously, as soon as you’re through the door.


Hey Tina. I would’ve called yesterday but I didn’t get back until late. Four car pile-up on the freeway. Took two hours just to go four or five miles. Anyway, Saturday sounds great. If anything changes call my cell. It’s so happy now that it has a charge and reception.


I can’t believe you’re not answering your cell. Did you see the news? Earthquake on the west coast. No one got hurt so I don’t feel so bad about how excited it’s made me. The site we were conferencing with had to push the call back to next week while they sort things out with their off-site servers and stuff. Anyhow, I already called to see if tickets are still available for the concert and we’re in luck. You still in?


Yes! Sorry about the whole not answering my phone thing. A charged cell does no good when it’s left in the car. Let me know what I owe you for the tickets and I’ll bring it with me Friday. Oh, and I insist on driving since you’re on my way anyway.


Got ‘em! Concert starts at eight but they’re opening doors at seven. Be at my door at six. See you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Telephone Tag

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