The best books are the banned ones

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. ” – Joseph Alexandrovitch Brodsky

There was a fad when I was in middle school for little metal pins. They still sell them at Newbury Comics and I still know people who put them on everything. I was never too big into them but couldn’t avoid acquiring a few over the years. There are only three or four that I can find now. Two were handed out in a class I took on pirates last year (an amazingly interesting and awesome class if you can find one) and I think one has to do with the Red Sox. The only one I remember buying myself states proudly “I Read Banned Books.”

I hadn’t heard of Banned Book Week until early this week (which happens to be Banned Book Week). So in celebration, here’s a link to the ALA’s list of the Top 100 Banned Books. Everyone should celebrate by reading or rereading a book from this list (or a similar list) because if a book has been banned, there’s a lesson about life, society, or yourself that’s just waiting to be learned.

This weekend is the annual library book sale in my hometown. Maybe one or two of the books I will inevitably buy will be from that Banned Books list. Of course, if there are any suggestions that you think I should be on the lookout for, I’m all ears (or eyes, I guess). It’s a good thing I cleared some space off the To Read bookcase this summer.


One thought on “The best books are the banned ones

  1. weight says:

    i see what you did there

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