Starting the week with the best of intentions and hoping for no delays

“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.” – Mario Andretti

I have been on the brink of finishing a short story for about a week now. I think I’ve finally figured out how to end it though there are still a few transitions I’m working on. And I had been looking forward to extra writing time the past few days but I didn’t count on not feeling well and watching my writing time turn into passing out on the couch time. Then it turned into why did I volunteer myself to help out with other stuff time.

Answer: I forgot how frustrating it is when you’re that close to finishing this type of personal project and how it always makes me antsy to be done with it already so I can move onto the next project (this is the reason I wind up writing both ways in my notebooks, front to back and then flipping it upside-down and writing from the back pages forwards).

But next week, I promise myself I will be better. With the exception of reading Mockingjay on Tuesday, updating my resume tomorrow, and getting my car inspected either Monday or Wednesday, I plan to focus only on writing for the next few days. I need to finish that short story (and I don’t it will take longer than an hour  if I refuse to let myself get distracted), type it up/edit it, and send it out to a few literary magazines before some August 31st deadlines (as well as  look into which publications are opening their acceptance periods in September).


One thought on “Starting the week with the best of intentions and hoping for no delays

  1. Lua says:

    I know what you mean; it can be VERY frustrating but we are not machines so don’t be so hard on yourself! Good luck for next week 🙂

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