It’s my new magic book

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

I finally cracked down and bought a Nook and I love it. It’s nice and light, I love the games I can play on it, and I love the versatility of it. But, I used all my gift cards to buy it so now I have nothing left over to buy the e-books to read on it. This is almost definitely a good thing because I still have a bookcase of To Read books that’s pretty cramped (though there’s definitely more breathing room than when I really started pushing to clear it back in May). I still have some time to clear more off before I wind up getting more gift cards for my birthday in a few weeks.

The best thing about my Nook is that it solves the paperback vs. hardcover issue I’ve always had. I hate hardcovers (prices, heft, etc.) but I also hate waiting for something to come out in paperback. I’ll wait, I just don’t like to. Now I can pre-order e-books and have them ready in a format I like and I won’t even have to go anywhere to get them (though I am looking forward to going to the store to pick up Mockingjay on Tuesday; I’m so excited it’s less than a week away).


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