I’ve got a whole houseful of soul

“A home without books is a body without soul.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I cracked and bought two books at the used book store, so the way I see it, it really counts as one book. Making progress clearing off that bookcase (very slow progress). I’m still borrowing too many books but I’m reading them faster.

Also, I decided that I’m definitely going to get a Nook this weekend (I have coupons, gift cards, and it’s the annual tax-free weekend; plus if I use the gift card to buy that, I don’t have them to buy books). I played with one at the store for a while and liked it. What really pushed me to decide was the man standing next to me chatting with the sales rep who was doing a point by point comparison between Nook and Kindle. I stood there playing with it while eavesdropping on their discussion. For all I know, he could have been planted there and the whole thing could have been staged to convince consumers like me to buy Nooks instead of Kindles. But then, it wasn’t so much a question of which one I would buy, it was a question of whether I would buy one at all.

The debate and decision of whether or not to buy a portable e-reader has really just been a way for me to kill time. There are less than two weeks until Mockingjay‘s release and it gets exponentially harder to wait as it gets closer and closer. I plan on picking it up at the store and locking myself in my room with a few snacks and a bottle of water until I finish.


3 thoughts on “I’ve got a whole houseful of soul

  1. wats up man hows it going

  2. Dan Bahr says:

    I bought a nook just about two weeks ago and I would highly recommend it. I love it, but now the issue is I am downloading way too many books, just means I have to get reading a lot more. I love the wish list system on the barnes and noble website. You can pick all the books you want then when you finish one, go to your wishlist and download the next. Very rarely have I found that I could not find the e-book version of what I wanted.

    • I have a wish list full of recommendations. It helps me keep them straight so that when I get one, I can just remove it. I love the idea of using it for ebooks (in fact, I’m probably going to go do that right now). 😉

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