Flash Fiction – An Apology

To the loaned book that has yet to be returned:

Do you miss me as much as I miss you? I promise you I had no idea our separation would be so long. I assure you I am doing what I can to secure your speedy return.

Are they taking care of you? They haven’t spilled anything on you or damaged your spine in any way, I hope. You’re tough but even you shouldn’t have to take that kind of abuse. I thought I could trust them but those I believed to be worthy caretakers have proven themselves to be no better than common kidnappers. It fills me with rage and frustration. How could they have betrayed me that way and why must you suffer for it?

There is no way I can bring myself to replace you. You would never abandon me and so I will not abandon you. The space you occupied gathers dust and upsets those you propped up who also propped up you. They sag with sorrow over your absence and can only turn to one another for comfort.

I begin to lose hope of ever seeing you again. Your captors appear bound and determined not to release you. They probably call you my gift to them but you and I know the truth, though it won’t be enough to bring us together again. You wouldn’t want me to neglect the others for your sake and so it is with their well being in mind I endeavor to move on.

I promise not to forget you and I will not forgive those that took you from me under false pretenses. Not until you are restored to me, if it is meant to be. If you ever should find your way back to me, there will always be a place for you here.

I cannot apologize to you enough for the situation you are in. It is entirely my fault and I will never be able forgive myself so you needn’t feel obligated to do so. Shakespeare had it right: Neither a borrower nor a lender be. He may have been talking about money, but at least money is interchangeable. To me, you never have been and never could be.


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