And I don’t have too far to look

“We are always looking for the book it is necessary to read next.” – Saul Bellow

Made better progress on my To Read bookcase in July than in June. I didn’t buy any more and fewer found their way to me as well. I’m almost done with the borrowed books (which I feel like I should read first, even though they’ve been on the shelf less time; I know that I love it when books I loan out find their way back to me sooner rather than later so I try to do the same). There should be enough room for Mockingjay come August 24th (only 27 days left!). Not that it will spend any time on that bookcase.

While I haven’t acquired any new books physically, I have started building a library of ebooks (Barnes & Noble has a bunch that you can save that are free). I don’t have an ereader yet and still haven’t quite made up my mind to get one (but it gets more and more likely each day). I’ll probably put all the gift cards I’m still hanging onto towards a Nook when my bookcase is a little emptier. I’ll never stop buying real books but I think an ereader and going back to the library might help me save some money. So, I’m looking for opinions on ereaders. Are they really worth it or are they a waste of money?


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