Flash Fiction -Rice or Bubbles

“Do you want rice or bubbles?”

“For what?”

She holds the open catalogue out to him so he can see what she means.

“Oh. Isn’t rice more traditional?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I thought you said you wanted everything to be traditional?”

“But bubbles are more enchanted. Don’t you think they have a more enchanted feel to them?”

“Then we’ll go with bubbles.” He gives her a smile and goes back to his newspaper.

“What if it rains?”

“The ceremony’s inside and so’s the reception. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Bubbles won’t work if it rains.”

“Then get rice.”

She fidgets with the edge of the page, folding it over to one side then the other and back again. Looking at the ordering information, she realizes she won’t be able to call for a few hours yet.

“I bet it feels like getting pelted with hail.”

“Then get bubbles.”

“I thought you said you wanted to be involved with the planning?”

“I am.”

“Then have an opinion and stick to it.”

She turns the page harshly and nearly tore it out in the process.

“I have opinions on the things I know about.” He doesn’t raise his voice or turn the page with any more force than usual. He doesn’t speak faster than he ordinarily would. “I gave opinions on where and when, what colors I liked, even the flowers. I helped look up photographers and was there for the band auditions. I can’t have much of an opinion on the things I don’t know or care about like what hits me in the face on my way out the door. Stop trying to turn this into something it’s not.” He sips his coffee in silence. Contrary to what he expected, she doesn’t say anything.

She turns back to the marked page and rereads the descriptions, trying to picture how she wants to remember everything. Would she rather shake rice from her dress on the dance floor or take the chance of catching a bubble in the eye? She could always use the veil like a mosquito net against the bubbles.

“I’ve got it,” he says with a chuckle. “Silly string. Give ‘em cans of white silly string. Let ‘em go nuts. If I know my brothers, they’ll have it half used before the ceremony even starts.”

She laughs and they smile at one another across the table.


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