Technical difficulties

“My biggest problem is what to do about all the things I can’t do anything about.” – Ashleigh Brilliant

Back in May I mentioned that my niece had pulled the space bar key off my laptop. It wasn’t difficult to learn to hit the little rubber nub the key used to press down. Unfortunately, now that little rubber nub is becoming detached from such repetitive use (it lasted far longer than I ever hoped it would so I can’t really complain). Tomorrow I’ll be taking my laptop back to the Mac store to see what they can do about fixing it. I’m not sure how long it will take but hopefully I’ll have my laptop back and all keys fully functional sometime next week.

In the mean time most of my posting capabilities will be limited. For now, it’s strictly pen and paper unless I can hijack my dad’s laptop again for some typing time. I’m going to be doing what I can. I still plan to post a book review Sunday (I finally finished Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol last night and I have a few things to say about it).

The worst part is that I was doing so well with the schedule I had set up for myself. It’s breaking my momentum. But, all things can and must be dealt with. I’ll get over it.

Check back for updates about when we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.


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