So that’s why I buy so many books…

“A book worth reading is worth buying.” – John Ruskin

My promise to myself not to buy any more books before Mockingjay comes out is going to be more difficult than originally planned having received many gift cards to bookstores over the weekend as graduation gifts. I guess that using them won’t technically be buying books. I’ll try putting off using them as long as possible (maybe save one to get Mockingjay), unless there’s something I really want. Of course, that’ll mean not going near a book store for a while.

I also received a copy of the 2010 edition of Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market so I’ll be posting an review of that soon (as well as putting it to good use in the coming weeks).

Thank you to all those who continue to indulge my love of books and writing.


2 thoughts on “So that’s why I buy so many books…

  1. [i know what you mean about buying books, I currently have a stack in the corner of my room which I’m trying to get through. Also, buying a book based on it’s cover can actually bring about some surprisingly good books]

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