In love with what I learned in the second grade

“All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things.” – Bobby Knight

Why is it that the best ideas always strike in the most inconvenient places at the most inconvenient times? I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping a notepad by my bed for when ideas strike at bedtime, but I have yet to solve the problem of jotting things down in the shower.

Even with all the projects I’m already working on, inspiration struck last night for a serial story that I feel would be perfect for this venue. Honestly, it’s the kind of thing I’d like for a television series, but I want to do it as a daily (or as close to daily) posting here. My goal is to post somewhere between 100 and 500 words a day. I’ll still be posting short stories and novel excerpts as well as thoughts about books and what I’m reading.

Here’s the last of what I have from Rosewood Manor.

Rosewood Manor – Chapter 5 and Rosewood Manor – Chapter 6 (partial).

Excerpt from Rosewood Manor – Chapter 5.

The miscarriage kept Elizabeth in bed for a few days. The doctor did his best to assuage the fears of her husband and his parents.

“She lost a bit of blood. Keep her in bed. Absolutely no moving from the room for at least three days, but encourage her to rest longer. If she starts to bleed again, send for me, although I don’t know that there would be much I could do in such a case.”

Jane was standing closest to the doctor, her arms crossed over her chest. “Do you think she knew of her condition?” She couldn’t form any other thoughts, however hard she tried.

The doctor paused for a moment but went ahead when he saw Charles’ worried face. “I’m not sure she knew. She may have only suspected but you would need to ask her for a definitive answer. What I’m instructing you to do is keep her off of her feet for a few days. Watch her and send for me if you see any changes in her condition. I’ll call again in a few days’ time to reexamine her.” He picked up his things and left the house.


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