“It isn’t writing at all – it’s typing.” – Truman Capote

As most of my friends know, a six-month-old attacked my keyboard and left my computer without one vital key — the space bar. I tried watching several videos on YouTube detailing how to reattach it but none of them helped. Simply leaving the plastic piece hovering above the little nub worked poorly for a little while before the plastic split down the middle. It turns out that the plastic piece isn’t as necessary as I’d originally thought. If any rogue infants or pets detach your space bar key and you have trouble putting it back together, I recommend pitching it.

Anyway here’s Rosewood Manor – Chapter 2. The transcription of more old works is coming along slower than planned. This is only partially due to the missing button. It’s more the result of not being able to make up my mind about what to do next. Finishing something, whether it be a piece of writing or reading a book, always leaves me ready to start the next thing. But it isn’t ever one thing. It seems that for every project I finish, I start five more. That’s my problem right now. Too many ideas bombarding me at once and fighting for top priority (and they’re all losing because of it).

Excerpt from Rosewood Manor – Chapter 2:

Charles and Elizabeth settled in London as planned. The store was stocked and the house filled with all the little necessities before they sent for Robert to join them. He packed his belongings quickly and was eager to leave Rosewood. After Charles’ departure their father had taken him into the store to start his instruction. Robert was absolutely certain that he despised being a merchant and was determined to find some way out of the life his parents were planning for him. He and his father had nearly come to blows the night before he left when he discovered the truth behind the store, the tricks Samuel Worthington’s family had used in the past to keep food on their table and money in their pockets and store.


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